German government and EU should not receive representatives of de facto government of Paraguay



Following the announcement by the foreign minister of the de facto government of Paraguay concerning his official visit to Germany, GUE/NGL president Gabi Zimmer declared: "The German government and the European Commission will seriously harm democracy if they receive an illegitimate representative of Paraguay. They would be the first Europeans to welcome the de facto government following the 2012 parliamentary coup against the constitutional president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo”.

MEP Jürgen Klute, member of the Parliamentary Delegation with the MERCOSUR countries, said: "It would be a shame if the German government again tried to legitimize coups, favouring its economic interests, and thus continuing to write the story of the looting that has ravaged Latin America for centuries”. Jürgen Klute was part of the official mission of investigation sent to Paraguay by the European Parliament to address the concerns of European institutions concerning the impeachment of constitutional President Lugo.

"The European Union and its member states must respect and refrain from interfering in the decisions made by their regional counterparts such as MERCOSUR, UNASUR and CELAC, which were unanimous in condemning the rupture of institutional order in Paraguay and consequently suspended Paraguay from these regional bodies", Klute concluded.

De facto foreign minister Jose Felix Fernández has been publicly denounced for land grabbing for the benefit of members of his family. Paraguay is one of the 10 most unequal countries in the world; the problem of the high concentration of land in a few hands remains a critical issue in the current social conflict.