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  • Parliament's shameful suppression of women's rights

    Von Mikael Gustafsson (Video), European Parliament
    Parliament on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution on sexual and reproductive health and rights tabled by the EPP and ECR groups which states that: "The formulation and implementation of policies on sexual and reproductive health and rights and on sex education in schools is a competence of the member states." The resolution was adopted by 334 votes to 327, with 35 abstentions.
  • No Peace without Women

    Von MEPs Klute, Senyszyn, Sousa, Lochbihler, Gustafsson...
    We know that the efforts underway in Havana are enormous and that after so many years of confrontation, the task is complex. Nevertheless, we call on the players at the dialogue table to assess the possibility of calling a bilateral cease fire. Colombia should not have to mourn any longer for the victims of armed conflict. A ceasefire would be an important step in building confidence in the peace process, and in showing results and positive changes for civilians living in conflict zones.