EU must investigate and find who financed and sent Előd Tóásó and Mario Tadić to Bolivia

Europeans accused of paramilitary activities in Bolivia

November 25th, 2013
Jürgen Klute

During the plenary session of the parliament, MEP Jürgen Klute expressed his astonishment and perplexity after an “Urgency on human rights” was used concerning the case of Előd Tóásó (Romanian-Hungarian) and Mario Tadić (Croatian-Bolivian). Both are accused of being part of an illegal paramilitary armed group which sought to provoke a separatist war on Bolivian soil. The MEP, member of the GUE/NGL said: “What is surprising is that instead of discussing, here in Europe, what can be done to improve our struggle against terrorism, and to prevent European mercenaries from travelling to other countries to destabilize other governments, the conservative right of the European Parliament is trying to distract us from this debate, by trying to interfere with Bolivian Justice and its right to judge those terrorists according to Bolivian laws."

In response to the resolution supported by the right-wing groups, the liberals and the social democrats, which says that the mercenaries have been “held without charge in pre-trial detention” since their arrest, Jürgen Klute emphasised that this resolution contradicted itself since it recognizes that “on 17 December 2010 charges of terrorism were publicly formulated”. Jürgen Klute said that Bolivian law was applied in accordance with article 239 of the Penal Procedure Code.

Jürgen Klute also mentioned the invitation that was made by the Bolivian House of Representatives to the European Commission, Embassies of EU member states and commissions of the European parliament (to name a few) to officially visit the country and particularly the Santa Cruz region in order to get proper information on this case

Finally, Jürgen Klute concluded by saying: “I wonder who financed and sent those mercenaries. The EU should investigate it”