Kurdish Friendship Group in European Parliament

Article published in AK NEWS

June 15th, 2010

The EU's ( European Parliament's ) Kurdish Friendship Association, which is trying to be established with the efforts ofthe Kurdish Diaspora and their friends in Europe, is declaring its establishment now.

Brussels, June 15, (AKNews) A group of German, French , English , Dutch, Belgian and Denmark's Kurdish Friends, who are also EU members, have declared their aim to help solving the problems of the Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan; and they will be gathering in the Organization's Strasbourg Headquarters, in order to determine the new strategy of the group they are forming.

The initiative owners of the Kurdish Friends Association are EU MPs, Jurgen Klute from theGerman Left Party, Europe's Free Alliance French Groups's EU Member and also the leader of French Villagers Confederation, Jose Bove, European Liberals & Democrat's Alliance's British Group EU Member, Sarah Ludford, Europe's Unified Left / North Green Alliance's Dutch EU Member, Dennis De Tang, Europe Freedom Alliance and Belgium Green Groups' EU Member, Frieda Briopoels and Europe's Unified Left – North Green Alliance's Denmark EU member, Soen Bo Sondeergard, have sent letters to 736 MPs of the European Parliament which is consisting of seven different political groups of the EU.

In the written proposal, sent by the EU's Kurdish Friend Group, it was demanded for Turkey to solve its Kurdish Problem, in order to deserve the EU Membership justly .

In the letter, written by the EU's Kurdish Friends Group, it was stated that "The EU, watching the political changes closely in Turkey and keeping its right of decision on Turkey's EU Membership, and also the European Parliament, who is watching political processes closely as well, requires respect and protection for the Human Rights & Independences of the Kurds.

The EU members have also stated that they would be working for the rights of the Kurds, who are living in Iran and Syria, under intense pressure, torture and systematic death executions.
Emine Ayna, an MP of Peace & Democracy Party is also expected to attend the EU's Strasbourg Meeting and deliver a speech there.

Dk/SH (AKnews)

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