EU governments' backward steps on Kurdish question


March 10th, 2010

In recent weeks the Belgian, Italian and French authorities have carried out raids on Kurdish journalists working for the broadcaster Roj TV and political activists for the newly founded Peace and Democracy Party (BDP).

In a press conference held today, GUE/NGL MEP Jürgen Klute expressed his outrage at recent acts of repression committed by EU governments against Kurdish journalists and political activists.

"European governments are criminalizing all Kurdish political organisations, as well as the Kurdish community living in their own countries. While in Turkey, there is a strong public opinion in favour of a peaceful approach to the Kurdish question, European governments don't even note the opportunities that they are failing to take. The EU should take a positive, mediating role in the conflict but backward steps are all that are coming from governments" Klute said.

The GUE/NGL group will request the holding of a debate in Parliament to discuss the destructive activities of European governments on the Kurdish question.